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2011-08-22 23-07-28

The files in this torrent contain of the snapshot the the Danish Government database of companies. 鼎VR, Det Centrale Virksomhedsregister・translates directly to 典he Central Company Register・ The contents of the database is currently browsable on the website, but the database is not available in bulk unless you purchase a license.

The snapshot was obtained during the summer of 2011 by systematically harvesting data from the public parts of the website.

Contents: Archive containing xml files with company information, including html from
CVRCompact: As above, but without html

The included fields are as follows:
cvr: CVR-number (8-digit unique id, last digit is a checksum)
corporationtype: Integer denoting type of company, eg. ・0 Enkeltmandsvirksomhed・(Sole Proprietorship)
incorporated: Date of registration
dissolved: Date of dissolution, if dissolved
industry: Code of the company痴 main areas of business, eg. ・94100 Vejgodstransport・(Transport of goods by road)
documentcontent: Html of company page from (minus header and footer), only available in the 吐ull・version

The other fields are name, address, phone, fax and email -- they should be self-explanatory. If you池e only interested in the information in these fields you should just get the compact file. If you want to parse more info out of the page you should get the full version which includes html.

There are approximately 1,000,000 companies in the dataset. CVR reports 550,000 companies in existence, but that is likely not including the dissolved ones.

This data is made freely available because it is wrong for the Danish government to require citizens to provide data for government databases, then use taxpayer money to gather, collate and store that data, only to ask citizens to pay if they want access to that same information from the the government.

Free Aaron Swartz

2011-08-22 23-58-05